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2013 – Reviewing the Year In Photographs

2013 was a great year.  I skied a lot and I traveled quite a bit.  I had the great fortune to visit some great places like The Palouse, Northwest New Mexico, my family cabin in Wisconsin, Maine, and Morocco.  We hosted family from India and showed them Washington D.C., Vermont, New Hampshire and the area ...

Finding Bruarfoss

NOTE: Access to the waterfall is closed as of July 2018.  See the note at the bottom for more information.  We did a lot of research on Iceland before we left home.  Months were spent browsing pictures from 500px, Flickr, Google, and a variety of other sites devoted to showing the splendor of Iceland.  We highlighted pictures ...

The Valensole Plain

The Valensole Plain in Provence is a gorgeous place in late June and early July with vast expanses of lavender, buzzing with bees and filling the air with a sweet aroma. Undulating fields are broken by by patches of wheat or sunflowers. Add it to your list of places to see.

Exploring Antarctica - by Sandy Gennrich

Equipment Fails…And Sometimes Your Process Does, Too

(Or just learn from my mistakes) What are your strategies to minimize catastrophic loss? I just got back from a weekend in Oregon shooting waterfalls and seastacks and generally having a really great time.  More on that later, because what every photographer needs is a solid workflow and backup procedures.  Equipment fails. Not all the ...