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Play and the Creative Process

I’ve been thinking about the creative process recently.  How do you get out of a rut?  How do you find inspiration?  If you’re not in a rut, how do you find the next unique image.  I think play and experimentation are really important tools. When I’m out in the field and unable to deliver on my ...

The Valensole Plain

The Valensole Plain in Provence is a gorgeous place in late June and early July with vast expanses of lavender, buzzing with bees and filling the air with a sweet aroma. Undulating fields are broken by by patches of wheat or sunflowers. Add it to your list of places to see.

Brandon Creek Road - by Sandy Gennrich


People are always asking where I find my inspiration.  It comes from a lot of different places. just made things easier by posting their 2011 Photo Blog Awards.  I’m a reader of several of them, and I’m looking foward to looking into the others.  Inspriration comes from a wide variety of places.  Spread your wings, ...

Exploring Antarctica - by Sandy Gennrich

Equipment Fails…And Sometimes Your Process Does, Too

(Or just learn from my mistakes) What are your strategies to minimize catastrophic loss? I just got back from a weekend in Oregon shooting waterfalls and seastacks and generally having a really great time.  More on that later, because what every photographer needs is a solid workflow and backup procedures.  Equipment fails. Not all the ...

Expose to the Right – The Concept

Expose to the Right, or ETTR, is a term used in digital photography that suggests that your histogram should be skewed to the right to capture the most information possible. Here are the general principles: Think of a picture as a bucket of rocks.  Your goal is to fill the bucket with as many rocks ...