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5 Reasons Guanajuato Should Be On Every Photographers List!

5 Reasons Guanajuato should be on every travel photographers list! Photographers guide to Guanajuato, Mexico.

Wynwood Walls

We had a little time in Miami today and wanted to have lunch somewhere less touristy.  On the recommendation of the hotel, we ended up in an area called the Wynwood Walls. This is a part of town dedicated to graffiti art, funky shops, and great restaurants.  It was so much fun to wander around ...

Finding Bruarfoss

NOTE: Access to the waterfall is closed as of July 2018.  See the note at the bottom for more information.  We did a lot of research on Iceland before we left home.  Months were spent browsing pictures from 500px, Flickr, Google, and a variety of other sites devoted to showing the splendor of Iceland.  We highlighted pictures ...